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Red Danish Eco-Friendly 100% Vegetable Wax Taper Candle (12")

Red Danish Eco-Friendly 100% Vegetable Wax Taper Candle (12")


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Perfect for creating a calming ambience in your home interior, this odorless, Danish eco-friendly vegetable wax taper candle was designed with relaxation in mind. Available in a wide variety of colors, fill your dining or living spaces with an assortment of hues. Approximate burning time: 12 hours.

Made with 100% sustainable Palm Wax, these smooth finish candles are non-pollutant, biodegradable, and burn clean. Best of all, they offer an alternative to candles made from paraffin.

  • 12 inch height x .75 inch diameter

  • red wax
  • dripless
  • color through 
  • unscented  
  • paraffin Free 
  • long burning     
  • handcrafted in Denmark 
  • 100% Cotton core wick 
  • made from highly refined pharmaceutical grade palm wax
  • 12 hour burn time
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