About Us


If you have ever been on the Mediterranean, on the sandy beaches of Southern France, in June, at 7:30 or so in the evening, when the days are long, and the warm balmy afternoon sea breeze calms and a quiet stillness has descended upon the beach, when the first shadows start to appear……these are Mediterranean moments you will never forget. This is Maison Midi.

The previously crowded beach has emptied, and you and your friends order your second glass of Minuty Rose. You sit comfortably on faded canvas cushions that are a little bit sandy and make a little crackling noise from the inner plastic guarding the interior cushion from wet bathing suits. You are on a beach terrace, with your bare feet in the still warm sands, talking to friends about the beautiful garden restaurant that you and a number of your friends have booked for 10pm that night…..and whether you are going to have Dorade Grillade, or the Bouillabaisse…..This is Maison Midi.

The Mediterranean can be magic.…unlike anywhere else in the world. Maison Midi sells a little piece of this dream without the expensive air fare.

The entire Mediterranean basin stretches from Atlantic coastal Portugal, the Maghreb of formerly French colonial North Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the sun drenched Turkish coastal resorts and cities, Lebanon, ancient Egypt and of course, the islands of Greece and the coast, Sardegnia, Malta, Corsica, and the innumerable small islands that “don’t count”. All this is the Mediterranean; all this is Maison Midi.

Maison Midi owner, Mark Werts, works with company president, Susan Starr, to stock and furnish the store for Maison Midi from all over the Mediterranean basin with close attention to exclusive items that bring the Mediterranean dream to your table and home. Enjoy looking through our products and don’t forget to zoom in so you can see all the wonderful details.