Green Yellow Maroon and Blue 100% Shetland Wool Throw Blanket

SKU: 985391

Checkered Shetland Wool Blanket in green and maroon colors with blue stripes. Very warm blanket and ideal for the holidays.

This luxurious blanket consists of the finest quality 100% Shetland Wool on the market and with a design that takes you directly to Scotland.

Its classic and elegant style is perfect for any environment and adapts to all types of decoration. In addition, these blankets are very versatile and can be used both at home and outdoors.

Ideal for outdoor picnics, as they will keep you warm and comfortable on any terrain.



  • 100% Shetland Wool
  • dry-clean only
  • Handmade in Ezcaray
  • Keeping Instructions: Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap.


  • 79 x 51 inches / 200 × 130 cm