Redecker Brushes

Redecker Brushes

Based in Germany, Redecker is one of the last remaining artisan brush manufacturers, which dates back to the early 1900’s. This multi-generational family company utilizes natural, renewable resources for their products. Meaning each handmade item is not only beautiful, but also highly reliable. Before leaving the production facility, every hair brush, kitchen utensil and cleaning tool is personally inspected by a family member. The families’ motto has become known as “The Redecker Way”. It echos their commitment to honest, hard work and a promise of quality. 

redecker boar hair brush

When we think of healthy hair, the positive effects of a good brush are all too often ignored. The body of each hair brush is made of various types of wood including pear, beech, and olive wood. Although the signature handles help define the product’s unique style, noting is more notable than their natural bristles.   Boar Hair Bristles: The genuine wild boar bristles give your hair an incomparable sheen by evenly distributing sebum (naturally produced oils). The boar bristles are also extremely heat resistant, even at high blowdryer temperatures. 


Wood Bristles: The wooden bristles offer a gentle, protective and pleasant pampering of your scalp and hair. They also provide a desirable anti-static effect.


horse hair body brushes


Promote healthy skin with Redecker’s diverse body brushes. The anti-cellulite brush, for example, will smooth your skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and reduce visible cellulite overtime. While the varied sauna and massage brushes are great tools for exfoliating skin, enhancing circulation, strengthening the nervous system, stimulating metabolism naturally and revitalizing the lymphatic system. 


horse hair cleaning brushes

Serving as a testament to their notable quality, Redecker’s cleaning brushes can help remove the most stubborn dirt particles. Made of horse hair and tampico fiber, a natural plant based fiber, the multitude of bristles work in unison to produce a thorough, even clean. They’re proud to offer specialized tools for all of your needs such as vegetable brushes, bottle brushes and copper scrubbing cloths. Redecker's effective fusion of quality craftsmanship and creativity is what successfully blends tradition with modernity in flourishing harmony.  

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