Picnicking At The Hollywood Bowl

Picnicking At The Hollywood Bowl

Located in Hollywood California, the Hollywood Bowl is an iconic amphitheater that debuts musicians and preforming artists from around the world. Set agains a backdrop of the famous Hollywood Sign, the "bowl" refers to the shape of the concave hillside the amphitheater is carved into.

holywood bowl 1920 piano black and white

The first known musical event at the Hollywood Bowl took place in 1920. According to an article in the San Diego Union Newspaper, two women preformed atop a barn door. The location of this barn door is approximately where the band-shell stage is today.

hollywood bowl history

Over time, the Hollywood bowl has seen a handful of band-shell architecture designs. Some versions created by famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright. Although the structure has changed throughout the years, one activity has stood the test of time; picnicking at the Hollywood Bowl.

Complete with 14 charming picnic areas, and reinforced by the unique park bench seating, Hollywood Bowl attendees love to picnic. Although certain restrictions apply based on event type, venue goers are permitted to bring food, wine and beer into the Bowl.

hollywood bowl picnic basket outdoor

Don’t want to bring your own food or drinks into the bowl? No problem, the Hollywood Bowl offers an impressive array of options. The launch of their new culinary program re-boosted the menu to include fresh seasonal food options in addition to excellent wine pairing.

Whether attending a colorful performance by the Hollywood Bowl orchestra, or gearing up for your favorite rock band; enjoying the Bowl with a picnic basket, delicious food and refreshing drinks will give any guest the ultimate Hollywood Bowl experience.
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