Nicolas Alziari

Nicolas Alziari

Nicolas Alziari is not a simple brand of olive oil. This more than a century old establishment maintains their growing estates, a mill and picturesque shops in France. Their main estate counts hundreds of olive trees just outside the city of Nice. To taste an Alziari olive oil, is to offer an unforgettable mediterranean experience.
french olive oil fields

The work in the olive groves is done all year, and entirely by hand in restanques (hill-side terraces, where vineyards are planted). Harvest time is between November and March and is entirely based on the maturity of each individual tree. Olives are harvested when they are halfway to becoming ripe- ensuring a truly intense flavor.

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A typical olive producer will place nets under the trees a few weeks before the harvest in an effort to collect all fallen olives. Concerned about the quality of their products, Alziari does not use this technique. They only harvest hand picked, fresh fruit one by one. Achieving lower quantities, yet unmatched quality. Because Alizari owns their mill, olives are then pressed on the same day, which greatly improves the overall quality of the oil.

Packaged in beautifully sealed bottles, enjoy a lovely taste of the mediterranean from the leisure of your own kitchen.

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