Massif Centrale: A Jean DuBost Tradition

Massif Centrale: A Jean DuBost Tradition

For almost 20 years the offering for flatware at Maison Midi has come primarily from one supplier in France. If you are anywhere along the Mediterranean French coast, in a hotel, auberge, bed and breakfast, or a rented villa, you most likely will find the forever durable flat wear with the iconic bee on it from Jean DuBost, or known a Laguiole. Why? Well, it is simply the best.

laguiole colorful fork cutlery set

Through the years of handling their products, the Maison Midi buying team of Mark Werts and Susan Staar has become friends with the DuBost family. This special relationship has provided our clients with the best of the best in flatware. Not expensive for the everyday quality, and the big 24 box set is a fantastic wedding gift. The newlyweds will absolutely remember your gift……for sure.

lauguole grey steak knife cutlery set

The Massif Centrale is an area in France in the central part of France, in a mountainous region. It is an area of conservative traditions, in the best sense of the terms, and holds a profound respect for fine dining. The Massif Central is part of the France you will always love, no matter what. This is where the DuBost family has been making quality cutlery and flatware for generations.

laguiole cutlery

Check out our extensive selection of Laguiole cutlery. Put the products we carry from DuBost in the dishwasher, use them every day, and and bring out when you are entertaining with your chic dinner parties. It fits right in. Your guests will marvel at you exquisite taste.


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