Linens 101: What To Keep In Mind When Shopping!

Linens 101: What To Keep In Mind When Shopping!

Every detail in your space is a reflection of your personal design style, from obvious things such as the furniture you choose or the art you use to decorate, but this also includes less overt pieces such as textiles. That’s why this post’s focus is… LINENS! For those of you who don’t know, there are many types of linens for very different purposes; linens can be found throughout your home. We carry a variety of textiles that fit seamlessly into your everyday life, including tea towels, napkins, bed sheets and more. Every piece varies in size, color and fabric—cotton twill, unbleached cotton and true linen are the most common luxury fabrics, and each one works better for certain purposes. 


  • Twill is great for polishing because its weave allows the yarns to move more efficiently and quickly without breaking, wrinkling or discoloring. Commonly used in tablecloths, bed linens, and kitchen accessories.
  • Unbleached cotton, after 2-3 washes, is incredibly durable and retains its natural properties for maximum absorbency. Napkins and towels are softer and safer for consumers and the environment when made from unbleached cotton.
  • Linen is an ideal fabric because it maintains its original form for an extended period of time if handled properly. Linen does not leave debris and takes marks without picking up the oils or scents, making it perfect for delicate dishes and drinkware.


When cleaning your products, skip fabric conditioner and instead wash with detergent to avoid coating linens in water-resistant oils. Hang dry linens to help maintain shape and product lifespan. Most linens should be soaked in warm water before use to remove any production residue and activate absorbency. 


Colorful 100% Soft Cotton Single Stitch Napkins (18")  Linens are an easy way to bring a pop of color to any room; we have a rainbow of products to fit any decor scheme. Whether you need a dramatic tablecloth for your dinner parties or a chic oven mitt to bring a little pizzazz into your cooking routine, Maison Midi can ensure that the products we import are of the highest quality thanks to the work of established linen craftsmen! Linens can transform your decor from simple and elegant to cheerful and festive depending on the feeling you’re looking to invoke.


linen table setting bbq

We are proud to import from many great regions whose craftsmanship speaks to the spirit of Maison Midi. Our factories in Lithuania produce responsibly and are eco-friendly, without sacrificing beauty or quality. The colors are vibrant and long-lasting—these textiles are perfect for creating a unique atmosphere in any room. The French have also been creating fine linens for many years, honoring tradition and elegantly weaving modernity with the nomad spirit. Designs are on-trend yet timeless thanks to clean lines and a dedication to beauty and quality above all—something that Maison Midi strives to maintain.
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