Le Reve Awakens feat. Schuyler Samperton!

Le Reve Awakens feat. Schuyler Samperton!

We're kicking off the summer with an ongoing "Designer Q&A" series. First on our list is LA's very own Schuyler Samperton, ( www.samperton.com and www.schuylersampterontextiles.com ) whose chic and stylish Miami abode graces the cover of this month's House Beautiful magazine featuring tabletop décor courtesy of Maison Midi!


We loved being able to help Schuyler decorate her personal getaway and always look forward to her shopping excursions to Maison. She's a true design professional and a delight to know. Schuyler brings a fresh, unexpected perspective to her projects, thanks to a deep understanding of how to amplify the latent beauty of a space with unique additions; this is our personal goal as a brand.


Schuyler Samperton house beautiful maison midi



Besides designing classic yet whimsical spaces of all shapes and sizes in every corner of the world - Schuyler found time to launch her very own fabric collection. Every pattern she creates has a story of its own, and injects her vibrant personality into every stitch. Schuyler graciously spoke with us about her fluid design background and shared some sage advice when it comes to making her inventive design decisions.


Schuyler Samperton house beautiful maison midi



  1. Schuyler, if you weren't an interior designer what would you be doing as a career? I love music and film, so my dream job would be a music supervisor. I’m fascinated with how music is used to create a mood or reinforce a plot twist – it’s such a powerful, evocative medium.  


  1. You previously worked as a publicist for Fox. How did you transition from that to interior design? I met Michael Smith at a party and we became friends. I had always admired his work and was thrilled when he asked if I wanted to join his team as a publicist. A few weeks after I started, a design assistant left and I inherited her projects. What luck!


  1. What would you call your "signature style"? You seem to have a knack for creating bold textiles and prints. I adore mixing patterns and colors – the more layers the better. I love things with patina and a certain character and individuality. I like to see the soul of an object and am always most attracted to things that seem to have a back story. That can be a piece of furniture, or a vintage textile – those are the things that make a room sing, in my opinion. I try to infuse each project with a sense of comfort and warmth, and I strive to create an environment that reflects the personalities of the owners.


  1. You've been shopping at Maison Midi for years, but now with so many home decor online retailers and auctioneer sites - what would you say is the most important thing for local brick and mortar shops to keep customers/designers coming back for more....? It’s always exciting for me to see how things are combined in the shop – I love the way you create vignettes with your amazing products.  It’s like a quick trip to the south of France every time I visit! I love all the vibrant color and I always find things that I never see anywhere else.  


  1. Besides your recent (and fabulous!) Miami pied a Terre, do you have personal favorite design project that was a labor of love? I really have so many! I love the projects that allow me to really immerse myself in a concept. It can be a traditional home in Greece, a contemporary beach house in Santa Barbara or a Spanish colonial in Beverly Hills. I really love working in all types of settings and styles. That’s what I love most about this job. Every project is different.  

 Schuyler Samperton house beautiful maison midi


  1. What is one design trend you wish would go away? I’m not really about trends – I think good design is timeless and trends don’t really apply.


  1. What inspires you more, the challenge of small spaces or large sprawling empty blank canvases? I like both! For me it’s about having freedom to realize my vision for a space, not the size. Any space can be beautiful; it’s not about the square footage for me.  


  1. What is your dream project & where would it be? I’d love to do a hotel in the tropics or London, or anywhere really!


  1. What is the best design advice you've ever been given? My parents taught me at a young age to appreciate beauty in all its forms. My father was an architect and he taught me about proportion, scale and the impact of materials. My mother taught me about being stylistically fearless and bold with color and texture combinations, so I was raised to notice everything – a trait that has always served me well in this field.


  1. What is your favorite place in Los Angeles? My friend Lisa Borges Giramonti’s house – it’s just gorgeous and it’s a guaranteed good time!


We’re grateful for your time, Schuyler, and congratulations on your recent and future successes!

Schuyler Samperton Textiles can be found at Hollywood at Home, Los Angeles, CA - Rooms & Gardens, Santa Barbara CA and Well Made Home in Larkspur, CA. (www.schuylersampertontextiles.com)





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