Homegrown, Handmade

Homegrown, Handmade

Founded as a great love story based on the respect of the culture, of the heritage, techniques, and an infinite respect for the craftsmen. Each basket is hand-woven in Africa by women who earn fair wages with access to a participatory system that provides funding for projects such as school training in weaving, wells, Photovoltaic, etc.

African woven baskets close up texture
The story behind the recycled materials is equally as interesting as the finished product:

Linen (Vintage Clothes)
Each year Africa receives more than 10,000 tonnes of donated clothes. In order to reduce pollution and create something positive, clothing is turned into strips, then woven into the baskets.

Recycled Plastic
The plastic used for weaving baskets comes from a recycling company. After a common effort of sorting garbage, the plastic is melted and given the necessary color pigments.

Having always been the major component of each basket, the straw is harvested near swamps in Africa. Once dried, it becomes the perfect foundation for weaving.    

With products ranging from large laundry hampers to small nesting boxes and even bread baskets, you are sure to find a beautiful, functional piece to enhance your home.
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African woven baskets different sizes and colors
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