Holiday In France

Holiday In France

France- a proud culture of tradition, art, history and fine dining. Among the many identifiable characteristics that set France apart from the rest is the delicate attention paid to their culinary abilities. The famed Julia Child said it best: “In France, cooking is a serious art form and national sport.” 

In light of France’s beautiful culture of flavorful meals, we’ve created a list of our top 5 favorite French recipes, plus an irresistible sweet treat. Enhance the flavor of your holiday gatherings and embrace France’s alluring tradition of a hearty appetite and a glorious meal - Bon Appétit! 

1. Salad Lyonnais 

french salad with egg


A perfect combination of frisée, a curly bitter salad green, tossed in a warm vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg and crispy thick-slab bacon pieces. It's one of those timeless dishes that hits the spot every time and can transport you to the banks of the Seine.

Visit: The Kitchen for the full recipe 

2. Escargot



The most traditional of all French appetizers is perfectly paired with a glass of fine white wine. Specially bred land snails cooked with tasty garlic butter and parsley, wine sauce and sometimes chicken stock.

Visit: The Cooking Channel for the full recipe 

3. Blanquette de Veau

French stew


There isn’t a more quintessentially French dish than this meat ragout. Delicate pieces of veal, soaked in crème fraîche sauce, often garnished with pilau rice, onions and mushrooms.

Visit: BBC Food for the full recipe

4. Steak Tartare

french steak tartare egg


Hand-chopped beef served with an array of traditional goodies like capers, chives, shallots, and a runny egg yolk. But don’t stop there. Beef tartare can really be anything you want!

Visit: Chef Steps for the full recipe

5. Piperade



Piperade is very similar to ratatouille, traditionally cooked in the French Basque country. A ragout of red and green papers, tomatoes, onions and fresh eggs. Usually served as a garnish to meat and fish dishes. Spicy, rich-flavored, and pretty easy to cook at home.

Visit: Cured By Bacon for the full recipe

6. Macarons 

Macarons colors


Who doesn’t love a Macaron? These chewy, delicious French cookies are truly a sweet treat. Filled with almonds, sugar, egg whites and a creamy ganache. They can be made into a variety of flavors- chocolate, vanilla, almond, pear mousse; the list goes on and on. Impress your guests by concluding the night with everyone’s favorite treat! 

Visit: Sally’s Baking for the full recipe 

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