Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Synonymous with crisp weather and warm colors, fall is perhaps the most beautiful time of year. As we break out our sweaters and scarves, social gatherings transition to indoor settings. From pumpkin latte’s to pumpkin pasta, it’s clear that the world loves this iconic orange squash during the autumn season. Without packing on the calories, but still celebrating the taste of pumpkin, we created a great list of healthy meal ideas for your fall parties.

pumpkin hummus recipe creamy orange fall

The O’Jays, a 1950’s R&B group said it best, “Give the people what they want!”
Start your guests off with a delicious teaser of Pumpkin Hummus. With only 10 minute total prep and serving time, your guests will be tasting pumpkin in no time. Mostly composed of chick peas and pumpkin puree, this simple starter is an easy go-to.
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roasted butternut pumpkin with honey and fetta cheese

Expanding further on the pumpkin theme, we’re skipping the food processor for the entree round and serving up deliciously crispy, bite sized chunks of roasted pumpkin. Specifically, Butternut pumpkin. As a substitute for the typical meat, butternut pumpkins are hardy, filling and healthy. Incorporating feta cheese and honey enhances the flavor, and brings the colors of fall to your plate.
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pumpkin spice latte recipe home made creamy

Dessert, the crescendo of your meal. And, who doesn’t love a splash of coffee as you break out the sweet stuff? The Ultimate Healthy Pumpkin Latte is the perfect companion to your dessert. Made of wholesome ingredients and real pumpkin, it tastes even better than the original! It has the perfect touch of energy and sweetness to carry your party into the night.
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Whether in the Midwest or on the coasts, the Autumnal Equinox shortens the days and cools the air. Enjoy your fall gatherings with great food to match your company.


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