Finding Beauty In Common Spaces

Finding Beauty In Common Spaces

The details of a room are what give it character, especially in regards to color and layout. From using designers to Feng Shui principles to all manner of methods, it takes a lot to decide how to create your perfect space. We are always happy to help guide you in the right direction for you here at Maison Midi, and we do not leave any detail forgotten.

pink and turquoise moodboard

Color has a profound effect on people. The symbolism behind color can be used to communicate an ideal feeling within a space. While the importance of certain colors varies from country to country, there are common conceptions of what certain colors stand for and how to use them. For example, in this room, the dominant colors are pink and turquoise. Both colors hearken to an atmosphere of idealism and whimsy.

Pink is typically perceived as a very feminine color, symbolizing playfulness, compassion and sweetness. However, the color is commonly masculine in other foreign countries. Somewhat surprising, turquoise has a complimentary connection to femininity like pink, but is much more of a mellow color. Turquoise projects sophistication, spirituality and healing. Turquoise is meant to provide clarity of mind and facilitate communication.

home tablescape

Aside from color, one of the most striking features of a room is lighting. The most ideal condition for living areas is to bring in natural light to given a life to rooms that artificial lighting cannot replicate. One place where natural light may be less enticing is the bedroom; everyone recalls the displeasure at rolling over in the morning and being blinded by errant rays of sun slipping through the window across your face. By creating open space in living spaces, such as through careful furniture placement and inclusion of windows, a room can grow and feel more welcoming to its guests and inhabitants. The dining area is a great place for large windows and glass doors because it invites people to ease into their surroundings and facilitate communion with the world around. It's also a lovely way to feel more connected to the outside, especially if you are having a barbecue or a pool party or just like the freedom of crossing between indoors and outdoors.

pink and turquoise diningwares

You can always change rooms at your leisure, but its nice to create a space that compliments the feelings you want to have within their walls. Just like an outfit is a form of personal expression, colorways and lighting make a profound declaration of what a room is meant to be like and further gives an understanding of the people who inhabit the spaces.
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