Enamelware was the first mass-produced kitchenware in America dating back to the 1870’s. Items such as pots, kettles, baking tins, and ladles were stamped from thin sheets of iron, steel, or aluminum, then coated with enamel, which was fused to the metal in a very hot oven. Fast forward to today and enamelware is still highly desired by those seeking the perfect balance between timeless good-looks and enduring practicality.

Bringing the tradition of stylish versatility into modern life, these enamelware pieces are accented with the classic splatter design. Although this iconic kitchenware became a household regular in America, enameling has existed for eight centuries. Not only for kitchenware, enamel has also been used as an artistic medium across many cultures including Egypt, Ireland and China.

Using the same hand-dipping techniques from the 13th century, porcelain is fused onto steel at an extremely high heat. This process creates a product that can withstand heat sources, including the oven and open flame. To achieve the traditional splatter pattern, a second color is actually flicked on by an artist using a specially designed brush. 

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As durable as it is versatile, enamelware has long been a cook's favorite in the kitchen. It moves easily from refrigerator to oven and stovetop- even to the barbecue or grill.

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