“Memories are the soul’s perfume” -George Sand
With a globally renowned name, and expert quality to match, Diptyque has lead the scent and candle making world since 1961.
diptyque 34 saint germaine building

The Diptyque story began with three partners in Paris at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain. Bit by bit, and with finely honed taste, the site became a one-of-a-kind setting by giving their customers the personal experience of discovering traditional perfumes.

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50 years after Diptyque’s creation, the essence and spirit of 34 boulevard Saint-Germain has been “bottled” with technological expertise, giving rise to this emblematic collection. Using only natural ingredients when composing fragrances, the result of Diptyque’s scents are pure and natural, complex and intriguing.

diptyque logo baies candle

Diptyque’s iconic oval logo mimics the shape of an 18th-century medallion, a pattern found on the Prétorien fabric designed by Desmond Knox-Leet in 1963. Each scent bares the same oval badge, and is fitted with signature dancing letters.

diptyque candles

In order to unleash the perfect effect, each candle is a blend of first-class waxes specifically amalgamated and assessed when hot and cold by wax experts. Every scent is blended to reach the right melting temperature. Candles contain 8 to 9 mineral waxes, and on occasion a few plant-based waxes to enhance them.

Whether bottled as a perfume or candle, the Dyptique name promises uncompromising quality and experience. Click Here to view Maison’s extensive Diptyque collection.

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