Costa Nova Dishware

Costa Nova Dishware

Costa Nova is a small fishing village located by the Northern Atlantic Coast of Portugal. A well-known holiday spot since the 19th century. Famous for its wooden houses painted in colorful stripes, fresh seafood is served daily in the local restaurants.
Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle of enjoying shared meals, the COSTA NOVA tableware brand was launched. Combining ancient European craft tradition, elegant design and quality to create fine stoneware pieces.

costa nova colorful striped houses

The Village:

The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about enjoying the simple things in life. The sea, the sun and the fresh air. Its about finding the perfect balance between work and leisure, food and family.
The name Costa Nova do Padro (New Shore of the Meadow) first appeared in the early 19th century when the fishing town of Costa Nova was founded. When visiting, it’s clear to see the fishing spirit has stood the test of time, and is very much present in the local population. The brightly colored houses have become the foundational symbol of Costa Nova, and were originally painted with bright stripes to stand out agains the pale tones of the sand.

costa nova dishes

The Product:

The stoneware ceramics tradition in Portugal started during the middle ages. Inspired by this history, COSTA NOVA tableware produces new products adjusted for the current, contemporary lifestyle. Recognized worldwide for designing high quality stoneware, they use only the best natural, local resources. COSTA NOVA pieces are elegant enough for entertaining guests, yet durable enough for everyday use. Hand finished in their local production facility, all pieces are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.


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