Bistro Chairs, A French Tradition

Bistro Chairs, A French Tradition

We know how wonderful it is to sit at a sidewalk café in Paris sipping an espresso and people watching, so we decided to bring that feeling to our patrons by importing the most charming bistro chairs to make your home or business a little European oasis. The spirit of Mediterranean lifestyle is the driving homage behind our business, so we are always excited to bring more of the culture here to the United States, whether through traditional French furniture or even small items such as drinking glasses or fine cutlery.

french bistro chairs in dining room

Our rattan and rilsan bistro chairs have been handcrafted crafted in Italy since 1964, with every model of chair painstakingly constructed down to the finest detail. Made of incredibly light wood, these chairs are perfect for moving from indoor to outdoor spaces as you please. Our chic chairs elevate your design style, and are less fussy than many other more complicated materials. They are completely versatile in any home, whether your décor is contemporary, Bohemian or any style in between! 

french bistro chairs stacked

Being hand-woven, no two chairs are exactly the same, so they are sure to bring a unique look to any dining atmosphere. We have so many beautiful colors and styles, whether you want vibrant red barstools or classic blue-and-white wrap back chairs. There is certainly a chair out there perfect for your personal taste and decor!

bistro bar stools in house

In fact, we love the chairs so much that we use them in our own cafes and restaurants because of how robust and reliable they are. Make no mistake, while these chairs are built to be sturdy, they are very comfortable even after hours of animated dinner conversation. Shop online or in-store and find your perfect bistro chair!

bistro chairs in french cafe

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