A Sea Of Portuguese Earthenware

A Sea Of Portuguese Earthenware

There is something theatrical about a fish market. With nets and baskets filled to the brim with all manner of aquatic edibles, there is a beauty and vibrancy that cannot be denied.

Of course, it's very difficult to replicate this marine scenery in your decor, but we've scoured the globe to provide you with a brilliant alternative. Here at Maison Midi, we are lovers and connoisseurs of art with incredible details and colors. It was a delight to discover that, in Portugal, the art of ceramics is still thriving and has resulted in some of the most impressively natural items one could imagine. 

The design and sculpting of ceramics is a traditional form of art that has been revitalized since its provenance, though many artisans still honor centuries-old techniques. Here at Maison Midi, we value the utmost attention to detail, which is why we've carefully selected some of the most beautiful pieces from Portugal at the Faianças das Caldas da Rainha factory. The factory has a rich legacy in ceramics, blending whimsy and innovation in all of their pieces. That being said, these creations reflect a deeper level of social conscience, and implement modern styles and silhouettes to communicate their stories.

ceramic fish mediterranean sea

We carry two very different but equally intriguing styles of ceramic fish that are perfect for bringing a spirit of the sea into your home. For those who are more rooted in realism, we have a wide variety of fish and shellfish that look incredibly accurate to their living counterparts. The exuberant creativity that is a hallmark of these pieces is what breathes a new energy into the art. The figurines look beautiful hung on the wall or curated into your own tabletop tableau.

porcelain sardine fish

Sardines, called sardinhas in Portuguese, are the kings of the summer. In Lisbon, there is much festivity and life in the streets in brilliant technicolor. Inspired by the beauty of this culture, A Sardinha de Lisboa is a project that brought together many local Portuguese artists to design a variety of hand-painted ceramic sardines with social context and special meanings to the people of Lisbon.

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