5 Helpful Hints for Decorating Your Wedding Tables

5 Helpful Hints for Decorating Your Wedding Tables

When planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions you will make is how to decorate your venue. This sets the whole ambiance for the reception, from table centerpieces to place settings and everything in between. Your choices are endless, which we know can seem like a difficult task. That is why we've created 5 simple guidelines to make your special day more beautiful yet more convenient.

wedding place settings

1. Start with the dishes... play with the shape!
Why stick to traditional round plates when there are other, more eye-catching options? Square or rectangular plates add subtle, yet unique character to the overall aesthetic of your tablescape. This works especially well with long tables. Make sure to leave room around the placesetting for your guests' comfort.

2. Find your perfect linens!
Formal or casual, a light-toned tablecloth creates a foundation for your table. Soft, muted tones are a good choice because they won’t compete with your center piece. Build on top of the table cloth with a textured runner. Napkins are a great way to add a splash of color that ties back to the wedding palette.

3. Not twins, but triplets!
Break up the uniformity by clustering your decor in sets of three. Candle votives of different heights, or three small floral arrangements grouped at the center are always a popular option. This works especially well if you’re planning to seat your guests at a classic, round table.

floral wedding decor and centerpieces

4. Don't be afraid of color!
Let your wedding decor match the energy of the night by adding bursts of color. This can be accomplished with a flower on each place setting, one votive that’s different from the rest, or even a single LED Edison light bulb will bring life to your wedding decor.

5. Read the room!
Consider your venue while building your tablescape. Long, lofty rooms create the opportunity for a repeating series of rectangular tables, while expansive banquet halls are well paired with circular tables. Build up your centerpieces based on how your guests will look around the room.
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