White Black Splatter Enamelware Lamp Shade

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Using the same hand-dipping techniques used in the 13th century, porcelain is fused onto steel at an extremely high heat. This process creates a product that can withstand heat sources, which makes it a practical material for a lamp shade. To achieve the traditional splatter pattern, a second color is actually flicked on by an artist using a specially designed brush. As durable as it is versatile, enamelware is long-lasting and lightweight- making it the perfect accent piece to your home decor.


  • 10 inch diameter x 1.5 inch height
  • 26 cm diameter


  • Enamelware is made of steel and porcelain
  • Handmade
  • Shatter proof
  • Lightweight

Care Instructions:

  • Do not scrub with abrasive materials
  • Clean with a soap-filled sponge