Tub Gurnard Earthenware Fish

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Incorporate the beauty of marine life into your dining, kitchen or living spaces with the Tub Gurnard Fish. Made of earthenware fired at an extremely high temperature, each piece is meticulously hand painted to mimic realistic, natural colors. The tub gurnard is a species that reproduces on Portuguese shores at considerable depths. It feeds on small molluscs, and some fish species. It is orange-red in color, with ridges and bony plaques on the head and along the back. The pectoral fins are very large, resembling wings. The tub gurnard prefers cold, deep waters, where it normally lives, weighing at most between eight and 10 kilos.
  • 12.5 inch length x 2.5 inch width

  • earthenware
  • hand painted
  • European import
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