Savon de Marseille Cheery Blossom and Pomegranate Soap 250g

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The Savon de Marseille Olive Oil Cheery Blossom andamp; Pomegranate soap is world renowned, created from natural olive oil, and made exclusively in the South of France. Each bar is 100% handcrafted individually in Marseille, using the same traditional methods which were used back in 1688. Being 100% natural, free from any artificial ingredients and scents, each bar exudes the strong and pure scent. This traditional process of soap making started in the Middle Ages, as big blocks of olive oil soap was crafted in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille. Using the olive oil, marine ash, and sea salted water from local groves, the quality of these soaps became a staple in Europe. In 1688, French law declared that only soaps made according to traditional ancient methods could bear the coveted mark of Savon de Marseille. To this day, the same method of soap making is used to craft each individual bar, just as it had hundreds of years ago. It takes a "Maitre de Savon" (master soap maker) approximately two weeks to make the Marseille soap. Only the purest ingredients are used (heated for ten days in cauldrons). Cut into cubes and hand stamped, the soaps are left to sun dry. Still recommended by dermatologists through out the world, Marseille soaps are suggested for dry and sensitive skin, eczema and many other dermatological ailments. Marseille soaps are trusted in France to cleanse fine linens, and even babies. This soap is completely biodegradable making it one of the most "green" soap on the market.
  • 2.5 inch width x 4 inch height x 1.5 inch depth
  • 250g

  • Pure olive oil andamp; plant based
  • bar soap
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made in Marseille, France
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