Red Plastic Watering Can *Made in the Netherlands (9 Liters)

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The perfect watering can for any gardenista! Made in the Netherlands from plastic, this colorful watering can has the number "9" embossed into it's center easily identifying how many liters of water it can hold. Made from HDPE plastic, one of the most pervasive plastic types. It has an excellent resistance to chemicals, making it the go-to plastic for leaving outside. With a removable spout, this watering can will never rust, and will last for years to come. Light weight, and bursting with color, this adorable can adds a vibrant twist to traditional gardening.
  • 14 inch height x 23 inch width x 7 inch depth

  • HDPE Plastic (High density polyethylene)
  • 9 liter capacity
  • Made in the Netherlands
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