Red Mullet Earthenware Fish

SKU: 814957
Incorporate the beauty of marine life into your dining, kitchen or living spaces with the Red Mullet Fish. Made of earthenware fired at an extremely high temperature, each piece is meticulously hand painted to mimic realistic, natural colors. The striped mullet is a small reddish fish. It can be found in the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean, where it dwells at the bottom of the sea, up to 100 meters deep. This species forms shoals and feeds on crustaceans, small molluscs and fish. Juvenile striped red mullets live closer to the surface, only moving to deeper waters once they’ve matured into adulthood. Their two chin barbels contain chemosensory organs and are used to probe the sand for food.
  • 7.5 inch length x 2 inch height x 1 inch width

  • earthenware
  • hand painted
  • European import
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