Oil/Vinegar and Salt/Pepper Basket

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Amazingly convenient for cooking, and for adding flavor to your table, this Oil and Vinegar Basket will quickly become your seasoning companion. Complete with two oil and vinegar jars, easily control the pout with the convenient rubber stoppers and metal cap. The salt and pepper shakers are easily refillable with their metal twist tops. Held within a handmade basket, the four part divider keeps everything in place.
  • basket: 9 inch height x 5.75 inch width x 5.75 inch depth
  • oil / vinegar dispensers: holds 5 oz.
  • salt andamp; pepper shakers: holds 2 oz.

  • basket: four part divider
  • 2x oil / vinegar dispensers: glass with rubber stopper and metal cap
  • salt andamp; pepper shakers: glass with metal twist top
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