Mirto Olive Baumwolle Tea Towel

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Extremely durable baumwolle cotton and linen is blended together to create this beautiful olive leaf embroidered tea towel. In a cream tone with shimmering green embroidered accents, this towel has great grip and increases the absorption capacity with its intricate diagonal twill weave. Equally suitable for glasses, dishes and silver ware.
Made by renowned textile brand Busatti: The Busatti-Sassolini family has been creating fine linens and textiles out of precious fibres in Anghiari, Tuscany since 1842. Busatti has managed to remain faithful to traditional weaving and manufacturing techniques while continuing to expand their vast range of styles and colours. The softness of Busatti’s linens is the result of using antique carding machines and shuttle looms that work the wools of the Apennine Mountains. The fabrics are mostly pure linen, but some in cotton and linen, table, bath, kitchen, and bedding wares. All made on over hundred-year-old looms incorporating ancient designs original to the region. Each creation is hand-finished and embellished with details such as hem stitches, embroideries, laces and tassels.
This fabric is a perfect blend of rustic and elegant design. In fact the textile design is a Batavia pattern that has a specific diagonal weave creating an excellent base structure for a kitchen towel. On both sides appears a delicate full colour Robbiano pattern that refines the kitchen towel and matches perfectly the striped Batavia base.
  • 20.25 inches x 30.5 inches

  • Cream andamp; Olive Green
  • 60% Baumwolle cotton 40% linen
  • Diagonal twill weave with embroidery
  • Machine cash cold, tumblr dry low, iron flat
  • Made by renowned brand Busatti
  • Made in Turkey
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