Le Minutoeuf Egg Perfect Timer

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The Perfect Egg / Le Minutoeuf (patented) timer is a wonderful kitchen accessory to have and to gift! Simply put the egg timer in your pan with the eggs and wait for it to indicate when the eggs are ready.
A small lined scale shows when eggs are boiled. Rather than being on a time system, this device works based on the temperature of the pan, giving accurate reading every time. The timer can indicate when eggs are A la coque (soft boiled), Mollet medium soft boiled, and Dur (hard boiled). The detector considers the number of eggs, the quality of the water and of the same height at which cooking takes place .
Your boiled egg will be as you like every time, never again will your hard boiled eggs be overcooked.
  • 1.4 inch height x 4 inch width x 2.2 inch length

  • Tempered plastic
  • Made in France
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