Keith Haring "Untitled"Porcel ain Plate (8.23"⌀)

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A stunning and vibrant decorative porcelain plate featuring the work of renowned contemporary artist Keith Haring's "Untitled" (1985). Haring was prolific and had a highly influential career, which was tragically cut short. Nevertheless, he left an exceptional and moving collection of work. Haring's use of rhythmic and colorful patterns with political messages on birth, sexuality, death and war expressed through impactful graphics originated as graffiti art but has since become an important part of contemporary visual culture and history. This piece would make a thoughtful and wonderful gift for any art collector.
  • 8.23 inch diameter x 1 inch height

  • Glaze finish
  • Porcelain
  • Microwave andamp; dishwasher safe
  • Decorative plate
  • Made in France
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