Glass Carolingien Goblet (12oz)

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Shimmering and intricately detailed, this stunning Carolingien Glass Goblet is a real visual treat. This goblet is rightfully named Carolingien after a family of Frankish aristocrats and their dynasty. The Carolingien dynasty established rule over western Europe between 750-887 AD. This goblet is inspired by an ancient royal chalice, textured with a mixture of scalloped, pearled, and lined details, while being modernized and set in clear glass. Well balanced, the Carolingien Glass Goblet is made of sturdy glass. Holding 12 oz, this is a fun and alternative way to serve sweet treats such as ice cream.
  • 6.125 inch height x 4.875 inch diameter (at opening)
  • 3.625 inch diameter at base
  • Holds 12oz

  • Glass
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended