Fornasetti Scacco al Cavallo Incense Box (80 sticks)

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Clever and full of whimsy, this Fornasetti Scacco al Cavallo Incense Box features a handcrafted wooden base with a stunning porcelain lid top piece. The vibrant yellow lid features a stylish graphic of a horse chess piece, hence the "Scacco al Cavallo," title which literally translates, "Check the Horse". The end of this lid has a tiny groove which fits incense sticks perfectly. All Fornasetti incense products have been created by renowned Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo. Each box comes with 80 incense sticks, hitting top notes of thyme and lavender. The middle notes consist of orris and cedarwood, while the base notes of tolu balsam, birch, and labdanum balance this wonderfully complex fragrance.
  • 8.125 inch width x 1.125 inch height x 3 inch depth
  • Box: 11 inch width x 1.375 inch height x 10 inch depth

  • Handcrafted
  • Wood container with porcelain lid / top piece
  • 80 incense sticks
  • Handmade and hand decorated in Italy
    *Top Notes (Thyme - Lavender) Middle Notes (Orris - Cedarwood) Base Notes (Tolu Balsam - Incense - Birch / Styrax - Labdanum)
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