Fornasetti L’Ape Diffuser

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Made of alcohol free oil, Fornasetti's L’Ape diffusing sphere features its signature scent, and the lithographic image of Lina Cavalieri. The oil's fragrance is a warm Otto scent, which is refreshingly diffused with 6 bamboo reeds. Fornasetti’s masterfully balanced aromas are notable and long lasting, yet gentle and enjoyable.
Scent Details:
  • top notes: thyme, lavender
  • middle notes: orris, cedarwood
  • base notes: tolu balsam, incense, birch, styrax, labdanum
  • diffuse time: up to 6 months

  • oil: 17 oz. / 500ml
  • sphere: 5.5 inch height x 6.25 inch diameter

    Contents Details:
  • oil: alcohol free
  • reeds: (6) bamboo
  • sphere: porcaline
  • imported, made in Italy
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