Dark Grey Alpaca Pillow

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Our Dark Grey Yaku Alpaca Pillow is made of the longest and silkiest of the alpaca furs. Yaku means water in the South-American Quechua language; and Yaku pillow holds a deep layer of soft air in the fur, making it feel like a gentle breeze is blowing through the fur. Each pillow back has a convenient hidden zipper and is composed of extra-soft baby alpaca wool. These Yaku pillows have a unique appearance, both in terms of color variations and physical qualities of the fur. Small differences can occur, as only natural materials have been used.
  • 15.75 inches x 15.75 inches

  • color: dark grey
  • front- alpaca fur
  • back- baby alpaca wool
  • hidden zipper for convenience

    Care Instructions:
  • dry clean, or gentle vacuuming only
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