Dandelion and Quince

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Dandelion and Quince features plant profiles--from dandelion to quince--for over 35 uncommon vegetables, fruits, and herbs available in today's markets--with over 150 recipes that explore their flavors. This illustrated cookbook celebrates the abundance at farmers' market and local grocery store yet to be discovered by the everyday cook. From mustard and kumquats to nettles, fava leaves, sunchokes and more, the blossoms, berries, leaves, and roots featured in Dandelion andamp; Quince are simple foods that satisfy our need for a diversity of plant life in our diets, grown with care and prepared by our own hands for our families and communities. This book: 
  • Explores more than thirty-five uncommon vegetables, fruits, and herbs 
  • Offers over 150 recipes to satisfy curious palates 
  • Provides enough guidance, tips, and advice that by following recipes, tasting constantly, and making mistakes, you’ll gain newly skilled hands and a knowing palate 
  • Author: Michelle McKenzie
    Type: Hardcover
    Pages: 336
    Publisher: Roost Books
    Dimensions: 7.2 x 1.2 x 10.3 inches