Cristallo Hot-Blown Artisan Murano Glass Cristallo Baloton Lantern

SKU: 612308
Absolutely stunning in design, this hot-blown artisan murano glass Cristallo Balloon latern would make a show stopping centerpiece in any room of the house. The beautiful clear Venetian crystal is encased in a steel frame and handcrafted by glass masters on the world-famous glass-making island of Murano in the Venice lagoon. The glass is first hot-blown by the glass master, and then stamped with a special ‘baloton’ mould to create a raised criss-cross pattern on the glass. This is a very typical Venetian glass-making design which dates back as far as the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and is still very popular today. Fashioned entirely by hand, it is based on a historical design and has been crafted using purely traditional techniques.
  • Approx: 24.5 inch height x 18 inch width
  • 150W bulb

  • Artisan made in Murano, Italy * Each lantern is completely handcrafted and may vary slightly in size.
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