Blackspot Seabream Earthenware Fish

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Incorporate the beauty of marine life into your dining, kitchen or living spaces with the Blackspot Seabream Fish. Made of earthenware fired at an extremely high temperature, each piece is meticulously hand painted to mimic realistic, natural colors. The blackspot seabream has reddish hues and a black spot on the head. The inside of its mouth is peculiarly orange-red. It is found in the northeast Atlantic, where adults dwell close to the sea bottom, up to 700 meters deep. Young blackspot seabream live in schools closer to costal zones. It feeds on small fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
  • 5.75 inch height x 13.25 inch length x 2.75 inch width

  • earthenware
  • hand painted
  • European import
  • stand not included
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