Black 4-Door Buffet

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Made of wood and coated in lacquer this Black 4-Door Buffet is truly unique. Designed and produced in Belgium, each piece is made to appear old and weathered. First, the wood is scuffed, scratched, dented and stained. Next, an even coat of lacquer is applied; resulting in a smooth, gloss-sealed finish. The brass handle-pulls and rich, brown interior help transform this buffet into a beautifully cohesive household piece. *Please note that we are not offering direct shipping for the Black 4-Door Buffet via the Maison Midi website. For checkout please select "In Store Pick Up" as delivery method. Contact for LA local delivery quotes and options or please add a note at checkout. Orders may take up to 5 business days to process.
  • 34 inch height x 65 inch width x 15 inch depth

  • lacquer coated wood
  • rich brown cabinet interior
  • brass handle pulls
  • designed, produced and imported from Belgium