America's Simple Solutions

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Founder of Maison Midi and American Rag Cie, Mark Werts' book- America's Simple Solutions: A Visionary’s Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The book is currently sitting in the top 30 of Amazon’s hot new releases.

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In America's Simple Solutions, author Mark Werts tackles education, healthcare, immigration, taxes, gun control, the environment, gender, equality, and many other issues, and offers Americans simple solutions free of partisan bias, based on how these challenges are handled around the world. Having lived, worked, and traveled across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Werts has observed how people in other countries have approached the same dilemmas that we face in the United States. “I have come to understand what is practical and works. I have also seen what is impractical and doesn’t work. In our global world, why would America pursue an idea that has been proven again and again not to work in other places?” he writes. Werts also reflects on the views of our country’s Founding Fathers, and suggests that we have forgotten much of their considerable wisdom.

Throughout, Werts emphasizes the importance of expanded freedom, especially for entrepreneurs and business. He also stresses the critical roles played by education and political participation. “A good, solid education for all of our citizens is the ultimate answer to our many challenges . . . and to get the best teachers, we must offer the best salaries,” he says. And he laments low voter turnout, urging all eligible Americans not only to vote, but to get involved in local boards and commissions.

With freedom, education, and voting as an underlying theme, Werts believes that we are at a monumental juncture, and that the future of our individual freedom is at stake. In reading, America's Simple Solutions will empower people to get involved, and make the choices that will fuel both growth and freedom.
"Mark Werts's global and nonpartisan perspective on the US economy is a breath of fresh air in a very polluted climate." ––Chris Rosassen, founder and creative director, TravisMathew Apparel

"Mark offers digestible yet insightful solutions to some of our biggest issues––with no agenda and no BS. Pretty refreshing in today's world." ––Millard (Mickey) Drexler, chairman/CEO J.Crew

"While America has succeeded in inspiring the world to change, the changed and changing world now pressures America to defend its leadership position. For America to continue its inspiration, which the world still needs, Mark Werts offers this impressive book of wisdom!" ––Andrew Wu, president, Greater China Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH)

"With candor and a warm, conversational style that belies the seriousness of his purpose, Mark Werts offers a compelling case for the reapplication of simple common sense to surviving in a rapidly shifting, and increasingly complex global marketplace. His perspective on the plight of American companies, in particular, is hard won through years in the trenches with his own remarkable venture, American Rag, Cie. As a result, his is an insider’s understanding, garnered from a career spent living, working and trading in other countries. Mark’s predictions are as wise as they are troubling, and every young entrepreneur should consider this required reading." ––Erica Muhl, founding director, USC Iovine and Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation

"Mr. Werts is a successful global executive who objectively looks at America’s issues as he would business opportunities, and proposes solutions for them that are simplistic, realistic, and very viable. A well-written, thoughtful piece giving our country a road map back to a leadership position.” ––Jim Ellis, dean, Marshall School of Business, USC

"Mark’s plain-speaking analysis of so many of our nation’s current challenges brings into clear focus the task ahead. But, Mark doesn’t leave us drowning in today’s turbulent waters. The truly simple, rational solutions he offers—from his unique perspective as a successful international businessman—are a much-needed life jacket. I know Mark’s not running for office, but I hereby nominate him for President of the United States!" ––Paul Polizzotto, founder and president of CBS EcoMedia

"Mark Werts's straightforward assessment of our country's current reality and the actionable measures we all can take to fix what ails us is refreshing and empowering. Werts's simple road map using the prophetic wisdoms of our Founding Fathers is restorative guidance that will serve us all for the goodness and greatness of the Unites States of America." ––Nick Segal, founder/CEO, The Partner's Trust

"A must read blueprint for the much needed rebirth of America." ––Keith Wasserman, founder, Gelt, Inc.

"A book that is a must read in order to help this great nation and our children's future children. Ideas that I wish our leaders would get behind and cut the politics." ––Keith Wasserman, founder, Gelt, Inc.