Tripod Mixing Bowls

- $88.95
Designed and crafted with elegance, use these bowls for mixing, or fill with any side dishes on your table. Pouring cake batter into a baking pan or passing a hot side dish is easy! Utilize the spout as a pouring aid, or a gripping handle. Made of high-fired quality porcelain, its thick body is a quality you can feel.
These beautiful bowls are available in five sizes
  • extra large, large, medium, small, extra small

  • made of high quality porcelain (fired at 2,400 degrees fahrenheit)
  • thick walls helps maintain temperature
  • imported
  • stackable
  • dishwasher, microwave, and freezersafe

  • sizes range from 12 inch width to 3.25 inch width (including spout)
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