Let's give a cheer for the new year! Maison Midi is ready for all that 2018 will bring, but we want to help you fulfill your resolutions, starting in the comfort of your own home. Whether it's eating healthier, traveling more, or simply expanding your knowledge on a new subject, a book is an easy way to take a step toward your personal goal. Skim the topics below to get started!

forrest gatherings book

The Forest Feast Gatherings: Simple Vegetarian Menus for Hosting Friends and Family
by Erin Gleeson
Want to spend more time with your loved ones while eating healthy, delicious food?
This book has a bounty of beautiful recipes and decor to add a little sparkle to your next fete. 

by Michelle McKenzie
Need to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet but want something a little more
exotic than a regular mirepois? The recipes in this book incorporate a variety of wild
ingredients to explore in your kitchen.
what to eat for how you feel book
by Divya Alter
Want to practice a little more self-love in the new year? The 100 seasonal recipes
in this cookbook are curated by a talented chef and healer to promote well-being and balance,
with the flexibility to suit your of-the-moment cravings.
gourmet tour of france book
by Gilles Pudlowski & Maurice Rougemone
Dreaming of visiting Paris but you haven't found that little push to get your planning started?
Consider this book an all-access pass into the world-class cuisine of France,
with recipes from the finest chefs and their legendary restaurants.
breakfast, lunch, dinner... life book
by Missy Robbins
Do you dread every moment you have to spend in your home kitchen?
With this cookbook, you can find some happiness thanks to great, simple techniques
that yield layers of flavors to satisfy you and your loved ones every day. 
entertaining in the country love where you eat book
Festive Table Settings, Favorite Recipes, and Design Inspiration
by Joan Osofsky and Abby Adams
Stuck in the city and in need of relaxation? Escape to the country with this
tabletop book that intermingles delightful recipes with effortless country design sensibility.
Your friends will think you've transported them to a magnificent harvest dream.