Valentines Day. The day dedicated to romance, Saint Valentine and Cupid’s arrows. As most people have experienced, this day is also dedicated to fully booked restaurants, and overpriced fixed menus. This year, skip the busy lines and create a bit of valentines romance without leaving the house.


candles winding up stairs, rose flowers


It should come as no surprise that mood lighting and flowers are the foundations to creating a romantic setting. Soft, warm candle light partnered with fresh flowers is the perfect way to kick off the night. Maybe even add a sparkler or two if you’re feeling adventurous!


pouring chapmagne into flutes


Before the meal, there is always wine. Upgrade to some bubbly by finding a nice bottle of champagne. Picking from all the different styles and labels can be daunting. White or rosé, dry or sweet, bargain or bank-breaking? Rosé tends to have an extra hint of red berry with a dry and crisp finish. It’s known to match well with prawns, sushi or light charcuterie. While a white pairs well with poultry and pork.

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valentines dinner salad roasted chicken lava cake


Multiple courses will always enhance a romantic dinner experience. Keep the momentum going with a starter, an entree, and dessert.
    Apple Brie Salad is an excellent starter. The crispness of the apples in combination with the creaminess of the brie creates a delicious winter salad. Add walnuts on top for more texture, or make your own cheese adaptations such as feta or goat cheese.
    For a truly beautiful entree, serve a roasted bird seasoned with parsley, basil, scallions and lemon zest. Once the chicken is properly seasoned, pop it in the oven and utilize the baking time for decorating or choosing the right playlist.
    What is Valentines Day without chocolate? Instead of the typical heart shaped box of mystery chocolates, bring the perfect close to your romantic dinner with a red-velvet lava cake. Made from a cupcake pan, they are the perfect size. Indulge in a sweet after dinner treat as your meal winds down. Keep that candles lit, the music playing and the champagne flowing for a truly romantic DIY Valentines Day dinner at home.

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